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Each year, billions of dollars in life insurance assets are thrown away by seniors. LifePoint exists to pay premiums on policies so the proceeds will fund the donor's charitable legacy upon his/her passing.

Choose Your Charity

LifePoint Charitable Endowment will direct the proceeds of your policy to the charity of your choice. Our whole reason for being is to enable you to dramatically expand your ability to give using your existing life insurance. So pick a charity you want to impact and we’ll do the rest.

If you don’t have a policy, consider contacting us about putting one in force. We are experts at life insurance for seniors. Contact our CEO directly at or 281-235-6000.

Donating Your Policy

We use cash donations to pay premiums on policies donated to LifePoint. Premiums are our biggest expense! You can even direct which charities you want your cash donations to support. Call or email us and let’s chat about the impact you want to have!

When you donate your Life Insurance Policy we take over the premium obligations immediately. You tell us which charity you want your policy proceeds to benefit. It’s that simple. Call us at 281-235-6000 or email our donation counselor at It will take just a few minutes to walk you through our very easy donation process.

Now It Is Easy to Donate Regardless of Your Current Cash Flow

Ever tire of paying premiums for insurance? You’re not alone! It’s the one complaint we hear the most! Once you have donated your policy to LifePoint, we take over the premium payments immediately, freeing up your cash flow for other things. Bottom line, we make funding a significant charitable legacy possible. So call us at 281-235-6000 or email our donation counselor at

LifePoint Pays Future Premiums

Take part in our goal to re-purpose over $1 billion to charity.

  • We accept and manage donations of life insurance for the benefit of charity. That is all we do!
  • We assume the ongoing premium payments and administrative burden.
  • We pool life insurance policies from across multiple charities.

Call us at 281-235-6000 to talk about your specific situation. We are life insurance experts and our goal is to help you make your legacy possible.

Donate Today

Contact us at 281-235-6000. Or email or donation counselor at

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